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Retail Pagers & Systems


We supply many of the high street companies in retailing our paging systems that improve the communication from staff to staff and staff to customer. One reason our pagers are great for retail business is because they actually increases potential profits and increase revenue.

For the retail sector, we offer call buttons for changing or fitting rooms so customers can press for service if they need to; we also offer staff pagers to improve staff to staff communication and Two-way radios for shop floor and deliveries use. Below are some of the systems that we supply to the retail Industry.

Our systems, our solutions for retail can improve the customer service, eliminate overhead paging, improve staff communication and also reduce the need for staff.

Limit the company's cost by representative, these systems limit the need for more staff which feeds directly to bottom line profitability. The system pays for itself over time and is a great new method of communicating with staff effectively.


Retail Call Buttons

Customers can easily get frustrated whilst in any retail store; more specifically a changing room. When customers are trying on clothes more than once, maybe its not the right size? Often the clothes are handed back and not brought because customers don't want to go through the trouble of finding another size and starting the chain of events again. With our call buttons customers are able to recall staff to their exact changing room for assistance which could include getting other sizes etc.

This type of solution can increase the sales of clothing and customer satisfaction; it gives staff the opportunity to help the customers more, preventing customer walk outs and gives the customer more privacy.



Staff Paging Systems

Staff can often be extremely busy in retail at busy times and its always possible that they will not be able to manage in any particular area by themselves. Calling for others to help is basic to retail, but that can be difficult without the right equipment.

With the staff pager system staff can be recalled when needed and also some paging systems can message a reminder to do a task at a particular time of the day. Making sure the work is completed at the correct time and that the customers are still getting assistance remains important, but without the necessary equipment the job is much less efficient.

Please get in touch with us today and speak with a well trained member of our team to discuss what would be the best solution for your business and your staff.

Remember all of our products come with a 3 year warranty* for all manufacturing defects.