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Restaurant, Pubs and Bars Pagers


There are a range of pagers that are perfect for restaurants, bars and cafe's.

Kitchen to waiter communication system is a very important process in the restaurant that can cost efficiency and rejected meals because they are cold if not operated correctly. Customers don't want be waiting a long period of time for hot food that comes out cold and will always complain.

We have a perfect solution for kitchen to waiter or staff and customer communication in a restaurant pub or bar working environment.

Improving the communication within these busy areas can not only make the staff job easier and improve customer satisfaction but also these systems create faster table turns that create more profitability.

We offer a number of specialised systems to solve all the major communication problems that are happening in large and small restaurants and cafes. With LRS pagers and systems you can easily recall staff or customers to collect food. We can now even give you the opportunity to locate the exact position of customers that are sitting down by using our Table Tracker system. The TT system locates the exact table that the customer is seated, and can collect information to show key metrics that can help your business.




Kitchen To Waiter Paging Systems

This system allows your Kitchen staff to easily contact waiters to do a food run to customers or guests.

This is the perfect solution for busy restaurants that have problems with delivering the food to the waiting customer.

Our transmitter device can be placed in the kitchen for the staff to page the waiters to make their way back so they can deliver the food while its still piping hot.

This gives waiter the chance to spend time with customers instead of waiting around in the kitchen for the food be ready to serve, thus improving on sales and service levels.

To find out more please visit out Kitchen to waiter specialty website here.





CS7 Coaster Call

No tables available? Customers won't have been turned away anymore; with the CS6 guest or customer pager customers can be recalled when their table is ready, this also speeds up staff and creates faster table turns.

a great solution for a busy restaurant, Pub or Bar.

More information on the CS7



Table Tracker

Table Tracker is the newest and best invention for table locating on the market today.

With a TT system staff are able to know exactly where the customer is sitting, how long it took to deliver their food and then with the data showing, restaurants/cafes are able to see the problems whether its to do with the kitchen to waiter process or the waiter to customer or even the path through the kitchen.

You can now find and solve the problem.

More about Table Tracker

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