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Hospital Paging Systems


Healthcare is one of the most demanding Industries in the world, It is very important to have reliable working communications between staff to staff and staff to patient. We offer lots of solutions for the healthcare sector that is simple to use yet reliable in service and perfect for NHS or any bust healthcare environment.

Patient paging systems create a very smooth patient flow for any department, and we have supplied many breast clinics in busy hospitals with them. Primarily patient pagers are used to allow the patient to go to the cafe while waiting for their appointment. Often the appointments are very important to patients and very stressful, so helping patients to relax is an important part of caring for a patient.

Its a simple matter to call patients back for their appointment when its time at the simple press of a button.



Butler XP

The butler XP is great for the healthcare sector, with either a one button or two button can be used for emergency call from either staff or patients, This call button can be used for staff to press for emergency or security if patients begin to get frustrated and violent, that's just one way this system can be used to help staff but there are multitudes of problems that this device can resolve. This unit could even be used at the bedside to call for a nurse or other help.

This button can also be used for patients to page staff immediately for help.

There are many ways the Butler XP can help the healthcare sector find out more today!



CS7 Patient Recall

Waiting rooms in busy hospitals can get very cramped and very loud and noisy to the point where people can not hear their name being called or they need go out side for fresh air. The CS7 coaster pager can call patients when they are ready be seen indicated on the unit by a vibration and a flashing light that is hard to miss.

This system is proven to reduce the frustration that sometimes patients can feel from longer waiting times and reduce the call back time.

Creating a more calmer and relaxing environment for both the nurses/doctors and the patients waiting be seen.

More about the CS7 coaster pager

To find out more on how the CS7 can help your staff and your patients then please contact us today.

coaster patient recall

Fire and Alarm Paging System Board

OEM-TX is a 7 dry contact board that can integrate with fire and alarm systems within the hospital.

in 2014 it became compulsory that fire alarms were compatible with deaf and blind people by law and we can meet them needs easily with the OEM-TX Board.

Patients and staff should all be aware if an emergency happens within the hospital and they need to leave, this system is the perfect reliable way to inform patients and staff who have trouble hearing.

Find out more about the OEM-TX Board.

fire alarm