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Corporate Paging Systems

In an important business meeting and need service? Forgot your notes? Need to speak to a member of staff? or need extra documents? select our call button that will call the member of staff in to the room to serve you, This is a  professional system designed to be used at the highest levels.


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Education Paging Systems

Sometimes in a class room there can be confrontation or a need of quick fast help...with our pagers a teacher is able to communicate with the office or first aid for assistance keeping the staff and the students as safe as possible.


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Healthcare Paging Systems

Call back patients when the doctor is ready... this allows patients to maybe visit the cafe while waiting or stroll to the garden area or other area. Patients the receive a silent page/message to return with the pager they were given earlier.

Also our healthcare pagers can be used to let staff know the patient was recalled with certain systems.

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Hotels Paging Systems

Recall guests when check in is available with our recall paging system, keeping guests away from the reception they can go look a round without a member of staff running to find them keeping the atmosphere and ambiance calm.

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Manufacturing Paging Systems

We understand health and safety is very important in any sector but especially so in the manufacturing industry. That's why we have introduced pagers for emergency call so when the call button is pressed it immediately calls first aid to the exact location.

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Opticians Paging Systems

We offer a system called OptiCall that allows opticians to call staff in to the test room when needed for customer handover; also we offer a system that recalls customers while waiting for results or waiting to see the optician. This solutions give them a chance to browse the store until they get a message telling them they are needed. Overall this can increase revenue and increase potential sales and service.

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waiter paging

Restaurant, Pubs and Bars Paging Systems

Recall members of staff to the kitchen to deliver food or recall the customer when a table is ready for them; there are lots of opportunity's to speed up your delivery time and turn tables quicker and more efficiently with LRS equipment.

We even have a Table Tracker system that is already rolled out into well-known cafes all over the UK.

Great for pubs, bars and Restaurants

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retail paging systems 

Retail Paging Systems

Customers can now feel at ease in the changing rooms if something doesn't fit or in some circumstances clothes can get stuck on doors and they become in need of assistance. Customers can now press our call button that discreetly pages a member of staff informing them to go to exact changing room. This is useful so customers are not waiting for too long hoping to "catch" a member of staff this reduces customer walk outs and improves revenue.

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Superyacht & Marine Paging Systems

Give guests the high end customer call button that gives them the chance to call a member of staff to help them resolve their query or requests or maybe even in an  emergency for assistance on board.

We offer brand new technology to give you the best communication on board!

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