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Designer Call Buttons


Our deluxe designer or custom call buttons can be used to recall guests or to recall staff. They can be custom made to your own design and used almost anywhere. The call button is used in many scenarios to solve lots of different problems... including yours!

These are popular on superyachts for example for recalling staff when guests would like a drink, food or assistance.

With our 14 Day FREE Trial and a 3* Year warranty its hard to say no - simply ask us for more information.

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Customer Paging Call Systems


Our customer paging systems can be used in many industries where recalling customers is important.

Our customer recall systems are the perfect solution for busy restaurants, cafes and any other sector where customer are needed to be recalled.

Very popular in restaurants the customer pager call system can create faster table turns and overall speed up your staff for improved efficiencies.

More Information on the customer recall paging system here

Table Tracker


Table Tracker is the best solution on the market for fast casual restaurants! Locate your customers when they take a seat and track their food delivery! Not only does this make faster table turns but also faster more efficient delivery of food to customers.

Our table tracker is used and loved by M&S and many other cafes and restaurants throughout the UK.

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Staff Paging Systems


With the staff paging system work is simpler and easier, instead of shouting for staff you can now silently page staff and recall them or to carry out pre-defined tasks.

The staff paging system is great for locations where the ambiance is best not disturbed or for any sector where recalling staff is an issue.


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Staff and Emergency Paging Systems


The Butler XP can be used as an emergency call button. Its robust design allows this system to work in manufacturing sites as an emergency push button.

This system is a life saver as reported to us by our customers. When staff or a visitor is in need of help staff with text pagers are immediately paged to go to the scene of the problem.

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Staff Fire and Alarm Paging Systems


Since 2014 it has been compulsory for fire alarms to be able to notify deaf and blind people - by law. We have the technology that ensures you are not breaking the law. The OEM-TX board will integrate with most fire alarm systems and when it is triggered the person with the alphanumeric pager will be paged to leave the building immediately.

A system that will save lives!

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